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G102 is designed to work seamlessly in any system, but if you're looking to fine-tune controls, free-to-download customization software is easy to use and set up. Logitech G HUB software is a complete customization suite that, lets you personalize lighting, sensitivity, and button commands on your G102 mouse.
Logitech G-Hub can manage just about any Logitech device, not just the gaming ones. Here, you can see what a fanboy I am with my mouse, keyboard, mouse mat, and webcam. It also supports a range of Logitech C (creator) devices like microphones and cameras.
It's good for gaming as it has one of the best gaming sensors in a mouse in this budget. It has everything you might want in a mouse. A long term investment I'd say. It has an app to choose from different colours patterns, you can set custom colour animations, the sensor is super accurate.
General Thoughts. G102, G203 or G103, they're all the same mouse just different regions. This is one of the best (maybe the best) budget mouse on the market. Popular (although not perfect) shell from Logitech, solid sensor, decent cable, lowish weight, relatively small mouse...
Logitech mice & keyboards usually require SetPoint or Logitech options in order to setup the features like side scrolling, battery management etc. There's also Unifying software to manage all your Logitech devices.

Logitech G102/G203 Mouse GHUB Quick Tutorial (Software)

Im primarily demonstrating what functions are available with Logitech G201 / G102 Lightsync Gaming Mouse. This Logitech...

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