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The Task Manager in Windows is a great tool for testing hard drive speeds. To open the Task Manager, press Ctrl+Alt+Del, or right-click the taskbar and select “Task Manager”. Once you have the Task Manager open, look for the “Disk” section. This will show you the read/write speed of your hard drive.
Check Windows 11 disk speed with built-in feature. Type CMD in the Start Menu search bar and select Run as Administrator. (It can prevent some potential issues.) Step 2. Input the command: winsat disk, wait for a while, and you will see the result of read and write speed directly.
How to test disk speed on a Mac
  1. BlackMagic Disk Speed Test. It is free to download from Mac App Store. ...
  2. NovaBench. This free benchmark app measures Mac's disk speed, and other capabilities including RAM, graphics, and CPU performance. ...
  3. GeekBench. It is free to run a 32-bit benchmark and paid to run a 64-bit test.
One of the earliest symptoms of your hard drive failing is your computer slowing down. This lag happens when you are trying to turn your computer on, open files, perform actions, or save documents. Your computer will start acting slow in general.
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