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Обзор Zend Studio - среда для разработки и отладки веб-проектов

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The Zend Framework uses a wide range of object-oriented concepts such as interfaces and inheritance. Without having to 'hack' any basic code, this enables web developers to establish unique versions – according to project requirements – of each individual component.
PHP Scripts are loaded into memory and compiled into Zend opcodes. These opcodes are executed and the HTML generated is sent to the client. To implement a Web script interpreter requires three parts: The interpreter part analyzes the input code, translates it, and executes it.
There are five different Zend Server product editions: Free , Developer, Small Business (SMB), Professional and Enterprise. The Zend Server logo at the top-left corner of the UI displays the current edition being used. Support for certain Zend Server features depends on the type of edition you are licensed to.
Zend Server has 3 pricing edition(s), from $250 to $1,000.
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