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Как включить Air Link, беспроводную трансляцию игр с компьютера на Quest 2  | Голографика

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According to Oculus, Air Link allows a Quest 2 to be connected to a supported PC via a secure Wi-Fi network. They recommend using WPA-2, as it is typically available and offers the best security.
Alongside 120Hz support and new video recording options, Air Link enables free wireless streaming for PC VR games through Quest. Providing you have one of the best gaming PCs to run them, Air Link lets you stream the best VR games from your system to your Meta Quest or Quest 2 headset through Wi-Fi.
I just got AirLink to work for my Quest 2. I had to set my wifi router to AP Mode, which stands for access point mode. This was important because my Quest 2 was not getting an IP address in the same subnet as my gaming PC.
Disable airlink on the headset and the airlink toggle will be replaced for the wired one. If you still can't enable Oculus Link after updating your software, you can try these troubleshooting tips: If you don't see Add Quest as the device on the PC software, log out of the PC software and log back in.
Air Link is perfectly sufficient for non-competitive titles or slower games, so you can safely do without the Link cable in most cases in the future. For the best experience, we suggest setting the bitrate to Dynamic and 200 Mbit per second.
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