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WO Mic 4.6.8 - Скачать для Android APK бесплатно

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WO Mic is a tool that gives you the possibility to turn your Android device into a microphone for the computer. Thanks to it, there is no need to use any device that requires a wired connection unless you prefer. In WO Mic, you will find different options to connect your terminal wirelessly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
On the Windows WO Mic program, select USB beneath the Transport Type option and click on the OK button to continue. Step 5. On the phone WO Mic application, tap settings cog > Transport and choose USB. Lastly, go back to the previous screen and tap on the Play icon to activate your Smartphone's mic.
Run below steps to start server on Android phone:
  1. Launch WO Mic app on phone. On the action bar, tap.
  2. In the pop menu, tap Settings.
  3. In Settings view, tap Transport and select Wi-Fi as transport.
  4. Back to main view. Tap on the action bar to start server. If any permission requests, grant them.
If you have a Windows PC then you can either download the Wo Mic App on Play Store, App Store, or directly on their website. Do the same on your computer and download the client made for the PC platform on the relevant website. Running the setup is really easy.
Crowd Mics is an application that turns mobile iOS and Android devices into wireless microphones for live events.
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