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Linken Sphere — браузер для тех, кому нужна анонимность и сколько угодно  аккаунтов — Хакер

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Weaver as Linken's Sphere can easily make you almost immune to enemy ganks by blocking any enemy's spell - protecting you from a potential disable and also giving you an early warning that the enemy is coming, allowing you to make your escape.
Linkens only blocks the first hit of omnislash.
Linken's Sphere's spellblock will work only if the Sprout is casted directly on a hero affected by it.
In general, most abilities that require you to click on a target are blocked by Linken's Sphere. Is not triggered by Urn of Shadows, Medallion of Courage, and Solar Crest.
Lotus Orb can prevent Omnislash from damaging Juggernaut's target. Hurricane Pike can break vision in rare cases and thus break Omnislash.
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