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Since we did the Librem Linux Smartphone, we were FLOODED with comments asking to do the Pinephone. Well, here it is, and...

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The PinePhone is a Linux-native mobile phone. It is based on an AllWinner CPU. Fedora does not (yet) support the PinePhone, but it is possible to get it running with a custom kernel.
The PinePhone has six pogo pins on the back allowing for custom hardware extensions such as wireless charging, an IR blaster, a keyboard extension or extended battery case. The pogo pins provide access to an interrupt line, power inputs/outputs and an I2C interface.
LTE, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and both cameras can be physically switched off. The PinePhone ships with the Manjaro Linux operating system using the Plasma Mobile graphic interface, although other distributions can be installed by users.
The Braveheart PinePhone was the first public revision of the PinePhone which was intended solely for developers and Linux enthusiasts. The UBports Community Edition was the next revision of the PinePhone with an updated mainboard based on feedback from the Braveheart Edition, see PinePhone#Hardware Revisions.
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