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Talking Baby Hippo is an interaction-based game app developed by Outfit7. The app was released on 16 July 2010 and was the second app in the Talking Friends series. The app was removed in 2017 because his model was from TurboSquid.
Baby hippos are called calves (singular is calf). Mother hippos are very protective of their calves which often lead to potentially deadly encounters with humans. Of the many dangerous animals in Africa, hippos account for the most deaths of humans.
Sometimes young hippos get caught in the middle of violent clashes between adults and can be bitten or crushed—occasionally by their own parent. Despite the hippos' cute appearance, they are among the most dangerous and aggressive of all mammals.
Mother hippos take good care of their babies, fearlessly protecting them from enemies such as crocodiles, lions, hy- enas, and leopards.
Despite their physical resemblance to pigs and other terrestrial even-toed ungulates, the closest living relatives of the hippopotamids are cetaceans (whales, dolphins, porpoises, etc.), from which they diverged about 55 million years ago.

talking baby hippo

this video is to tell you that if you have a iphone\itouch you defenetly need this app....

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