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Set in 1944, the game tells the story of Fran, a ten-year-old girl struggling with mental illness after witnessing the murder of her parents. She is then found alone in the woods and admitted to Oswald Asylum, separating Fran from her black cat and only friend, Mr. Midnight.
Apart from Fran Bow's child-like appearance and insatiable curiosity similar to Alice's character, Fran Bow's psychotic experience wandering in between the Five Realms of Essential Existence has a lot of metaphorical references to Alice's experience in Wonderland: Fran Bow's birthday party to Alice's tea party; Mr.
8 Hours
Main Story1407h 30m
Main + Extras648h 30m
Completionist1288h 48m
All PlayStyles3328h
Q: Will Fran Bow be released on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or PlayStation? A: Yes! The game is currently available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation.
Little Misfortune and Fran Bow both take place in Ultrareality, a multidimensional universe and home to a variety of complex creatures.
Memory usage:0.45905303955078Mb; real memory usage: 2Mb