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Look for free marketing. When Clash first launched, Supercell wisely focused on free marketing. One free marketing tactic that drove a lot of downloads was getting featured within the app stores. Landing a featured placement in something like the iOS App Store is based on editorial decisions by a team at Apple.
In 2023, Clash of Clans generated over 359 million U.S. dollars in in-app purchase revenues. Supercell's main IP is still going strong after it's initial release in 2012.
Clash of Clans is one of the few mobile games to surpass 500 million downloads on iOS and Android, while also being one of the few to surpass $1 billion yearly revenue. Supercell has done this without the team size of the most popular studios, with less than 1,000 employees.
Selling of clash of clans account is illegal. There are websites and facebook pages where you can sell your account. One such page is CLASH OF CLANS INDIA. Here you can find a buyer of your choice!
Reason: Upgrade time: it was a time when upgrade time after th7 increases and it's was like 10 days 12 days. Supercell thought that people will pay for gems to skip time but reverse happened and people started leaving. Later they reduced upgrade time but it was too late (atleast in our case)

Как купить золотой пропуск после повышения цен Дешево в Clash of Clans

Ссылка для покупки у меня Ссылка на Supercell id maxgemmer находится в телеграм канале...

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